Cahleb Leyshon

Cahleb Leyshon

Cahleb Leyshon

$55,465.00 raised at 28 Nov 2023
22 month target at 28 Nov 2023 $49,500.00
24 month target $54,000.00

St James’ Anglican Church Croydon | Trainer: Myles Elton

Hi, I am Cahleb, and I love kids and youth ministry. I think that there is something so special about being a part of a full-time ministry and working alongside some amazing people.

Some information about me I grew up learning about God and his kingdom and have been impacted by it from day dot, I have some really amazing memories of my Sunday kids leaders teaching us about the amazing stories from the Bible. I was always excited to be hearing more things about Jesus and how he changed people’s lives. As I continued to grow and become a teenager there were some rocky parts of my relationship with God how I viewed it and the purpose it had in my life. When I was about 16 years old some amazing people came into my life and helped me to reconnect with God and his love for me, I was grateful for their wisdom and perseverance in being impactful in my life. It was at this time that I found a real passion for wanting to share the gospel with young people everywhere who didn’t feel loved or cared for and to bring them into the amazing relationship that God wants to have with them.

I am currently working towards an Associate Degree of Ministry at Youthworks Bible college and beginning my journey as a leader of young people. I am excited to be taking these next steps on my journey with God. I love the ideas and views that young people bring to looking at the bible and I want to be a part of the journey that they are taking to grow in their faith in Jesus as Lord.

Prayer Points

  • I am very new to ministry and the background workings of the church I would love prayer for patients, wisdom, and grace as I take the next step of my journey towards youth/ Children’s ministry.
  • Pray that the stress of fundraising doesn’t overtake the excitement of working within the ministry.
  • Praise that God has led me to a Church that is welcoming and filled with many amazing people that love God.

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