Annie Colledge

Annie Colledge

Annie Colledge

$50,722.00 raised at 21 Sep 2021
20 month target at 21 Sep 2021 $45,833.33
24 month target $55,000.00

City Bible Forum Brisbane | Trainer: Dave Pitt

Having been in the workplace for a few years I have realised the value of being a Christian in the work environment and the need for our colleagues to hear about Jesus. Working full-time at the Queensland Children’s Hospital over this year has really given me a glimpse into just how many people don’t know Jesus, or don’t see the need for Him in their lives. By God’s grace I have had a couple of opportunities to share my faith with some of my colleagues, but I have often found myself frustrated by my lack of flexibility and inability to devote more time and energy into doing this. This year has been quite the adjustment and has grown my desire to serve Jesus Christ and be better equipped in doing so.

I thank God for this opportunity to be able to serve Him in this way and it is my prayer that God would use me for His glory, now and in the future. The gospel compels me to serve Him in everything. I know there will be many challenges ahead, but I am excited for growth as I learn to serve Jesus better though MTS.


Prayer Points

Please pray that I would be trusting God to provide every step of the way. That I would grow in my understanding and love for Him and that through my time doing MTS God would humble me.

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