Angelo Bercasio

Angelo Bercasio

Angelo Bercasio

$41,492.35 raised at 25 May 2022
16 month target at 25 May 2022 $40,000.00
24 month target $60,000.00

New Life Christian Church | Trainer: Glenn Dillon

Hi. I’m Angelo and I’m one of the MTS apprentices at New Life Christian Church in Blacktown. I’ve been part of this church for more than 7 years and I’m excited to serve here for the next 2 years. One of the reasons I chose to do MTS is that in the future I plan to be a missionary to Japan. It’s a country that is in desperate need of the gospel and more gospel workers. And I want to be a part of God’s plan in bringing the gospel to the Japanese. Even if I don’t become one, I’m still happy to serve here in Australia or wherever God sends me.

I look forward to what God will do in these next two years.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that God will challenge me, grow me, and shape me to be more like Jesus.
  • Pray that I will be able to balance ministry, rest, and studies (especially Japanese studies).
  • Pray that God will keep reaching out and saving people here in Blacktown.
  • Pray that I will keep trusting God in whatever situation.

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