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$49,762.00 raised at 6 Jul 2020
18 month target at 6 Jul 2020 $40,050.00
24 month target $53,400.00

Scots Church Sydney | Trainer: Craig Tucker

I became a Christian in the midst of leaving home, while studying for my HSC due many friends and youth leaders who shared the Gospel with me in a difficult and confusing time. Jesus’ love was infectious and so deeply attractive in a world which failed to provide clarity, stability and security. As I went through University, I thought much about what I wanted to do with my life and although I enjoyed Medical Science I saw the deep need for others to know the reason, purpose and Person that they were made for, Jesus. I realised the deep need for more people trained up to do Gospel work and realised it could be something that I would love to do for the rest of my life. My hope is that by doing a Ministry Traineeship with Scots Church Sydney I will be trained well to do this not just for a quick sprint in my youth but for a lifetime of good Gospel ministry. I’m young, energetic and passionate about Jesus and I would love for you to come alongside me and partner with me in the Gospel as I go on this journey!

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