Abigail Kee and Andrew Loh

Abigail Kee and Andrew Loh

Abigail Kee and Andrew Loh

Full Time Theological Student

(Headsup: 15% goes to MTS – they take care of our paperwork, admin, and allow tax deductibility so we’re happy for this. We also have both personally been blessed by their ministry and so commend them to you!)

Hey there! Abi and Popo (Andrew) are currently studying at Moore Theological College in 2023. Our heart is to spend a few years in Sydney studying, training, and preparing for a lifetime of Gospel ministry before hopefully leaving Sydney, perhaps to Melbourne or Perth, to serve in a local church somewhere. We have a big heart for people to come to know Jesus and for more to be trained to serve Jesus in whatever circumstance Jesus gives them! We would love if you can partner in the Gospel alongside us 🙂

Prayer Points

Thank God for our time that we had at Scots Church Sydney for the last few years, God has so powerfully used that church to train, grow, and develop both of us as we each did a ministry traineeship there!

Please pray that we would settle well into Gracepoint Presbyterian Burwood in 2023. We’re excited to learn from the great Gospel ministry there, but realise that it will take us some time to get used to a new family!

Please pray that we would grow in learning how to serve Jesus not as two separate individuals doing separate things, but a couple unified in the same ministry, serving in complementary diverse ways to each other!

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