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$16,904.30 raised at 29 Jun 2020
16 month target at 29 Jun 2020 $23,652.17
23 month target $34,000.00

Life Anglican Church, Marsden Park | Trainer: Mark Collins

I’ve spent the last few years working in childcare and felt compelled to be serving God in a full time capacity so decided to take up an MTS position at Life Anglican. I’m so stoked to be able to have this opportunity to tell people the good news of Jesus and to watch people grow in their love and knowledge of God.

I’m based at Life Anglican Church Marsden Park and Quakers Hill. I’m involved in childrens and youth ministry and SRE and I’m also studying with Youthworks college.

Prayer Points

I’d love prayer that God will guide me throughout the next two years to be better glorifying Him in everything I do, that he’ll be using me to further deepen peoples faith and understanding and that His kingdom will be grown.

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