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$21,560.00 raised at 6 Apr 2020
14 month target at 6 Apr 2020 $21,913.04
23 month target $36,000.00

Hornsby Heights Anglican Church St Luke’s | Trainer: Mike Begbie

Hey! I’m 21 years old, I love board games, Taylor Swift, hugs and most of all Jesus!

It’s been just over a month since I started MTS and WOW a lot as happened! Highlights include my MTS commissioning service, getting to know the amazing people at St Lukes (i’m working hard at remembering everyones name), starting at Youthworks college, where i am learning a heap about how to love and serve young people and helping to run the Thursday kids and youth programs. It has been a big adjustment but by God’s grace we have seen lots of really exciting things happen! We have had the most consistent numbers in youth group in a while and three girls come back after an extended absence, a lady who has never been part of a bible study is joining one that I’m starting up and I’m reading the bible with a girl who has just finished school.

Prayer Points

-Praise God for this awesome opportunity! – Thank God for settling me into the apprenticeship and this new church well!- For the number of new and returning people at Sprouts (K-2), Thursty (3-6) and Shift (7-10), that they would grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus- That the new young adults bible study I’m stating would get off the ground – That I would grow to love Jesus more deeply and serve him more joyfully – That God would save many people in Hornsby Heights!

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