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$21,750.00 raised at 6 Apr 2020
14 month target at 6 Apr 2020 $21,304.35
23 month target $35,000.00

St Jude’s Anglican Church, Bowral | Trainer: Matt Jacobs

I’ve been involved in kids and youth ministry at St Jude’s over the last few years and have formed a passion for helping to grow our future generations. I’m really excited by the opportunity to share Jesus with the kids and youth of St Jude’s and to learn and grow so much from the members of St Jude’s.

This is a really vital area of ministry that is always growing and changing. Lots of people come to faith in their younger years. It was definitely through the kids and youth ministry at church when I was growing up that I took on my faith for myself and understood the sacrifice that God made for me.

Prayer Points

  • Thank God that I have settled into this new role
  • Ask that I will always be glorifying God in all that I do
  • Thanks for sending Jesus!

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