Cornhill-MTS Partnership Developer

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Cornhill-MTS Partnership Developer

Are you passionate about seeing godly and gifted apprentices who are equipped to preach raised up to reach Australia? Then you should consider joining our new team of partnership developers at MTS.



Job Type:                    Negotiable – Full Time or Part Time (minimum 3 days per week). Hybrid and flexible work package negotiable.

Remuneration:        Remuneration is based on Sydney Anglican Remuneration Guidelines for a ministry worker.

Support raising required with significant ‘seed funding’ and coaching provided. (See below)

Location:                   Hybrid and Remote work considered.

Reports to:                MTS Director Of Partnerships.

Starting Date:           Negotiable.

Closing Date:             Friday the 27th of October at 4pm. We reserve the right to appoint an applicant prior to this date.



To reach our nation and the world for Christ, we need to see churches, colleges, para-church organisations, and denominations growing an increasing number of mature disciples who present and proclaim Jesus to the people around them. To do that, we need to raise up godly and gifted gospel workers who can disciple, lead, teach, and train the saints for the mission. That’s why MTS has been focused on partnering with the local church and other gospel-minded organisations to “…multiply gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships”. Since our inception in 1978, we have seen over 3,500 men and women complete ministry apprenticeships with over 1,250 of them now in vocational gospel work. However, if we are going to see Australia won for Christ, we need to raise up many more people for ministry now and into the future. That’s why we have prayerfully committed to build a team of partnership developers who will grow and strengthen our partnerships with local churches, training centres, and like-minded organisations to multiply the number of apprentices over the next three years and into the future.

The Cornhill-MTS Partnership was birthed out of this vision, with a particular view of raising up apprentices who are trained and equipped to effectively preach the word of God.



MTS is a multi-denominational evangelical organisation that is evangelistic at its heart.

Our Vision:

‘To win the world for Christ by multiplying Gospel Workers through ministry apprenticeships.’

Our Mission:

‘To raise up, train and resource MTS Trainers, as they multiply Gospel Workers through ministry apprenticeships.’



Cornhill Sydney trains people to preach and teach the Bible in a way that is faithful, relevant, and engaging.

Vision: To represent the best practice and be a faithful and helpful influence in the training of preachers throughout the wider Sydney evangelical network.

Mission: Attract and train gospel workers to develop their expositional skills for a range of ministry contexts.



Position Purpose

As a partnership developer, you will:

Generate and galvanise gospel-driven partnerships to grow a culture of multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships to win the world for Christ.”


Position Overview

As the Partnership Developer for Cornhill-MTS, you will:

  1. Generate new gospel-driven partnerships with local churches and training centres across the nation that raises up suitable apprentices for the Cornhill-MTS Pathway.
  2. Galvanise partnerships with existing local churches and training centres across the nation that empowers and equips them in the task of training Cornhill-MTS apprentices. To help and encourage our partners to…
  3. Grow a culture of multiplying gospel workers through Cornhill-MTS apprenticeships into the future.

In addition to these core purposes, you will also be required to:

  1. Model being an MTS trainer by being engaged in the raising up and training of apprentices in local churches and training centres.
  2. Facilitate the vision of MTS by raising gospel-driven partnerships who will financially contribute towards 110% of your annual salary. Seed funding is available for your first 3 months salary and coaching with an experienced support raising coach. Your salary will be 100% covered by this seed funding for these 3 months to enable you to be focused primarily on growing your support.
  3. Contribute to the functioning of MTS Partnership Developer team and the MTS staff team.




You will be a person of good character.  Someone who watches your life and doctrine closely, and reflects the relevant qualifications outlined in 2 Timothy 2 and Titus as it pertains to your role.  You will have:

  • Prior experience as an MTS trainer.
  • Passionate about raising up apprentices, with a particular emphasis on preaching.
  • Experience leading and equipping apprentices in a local church, or parachurch context.
  • Proven track record of raising up and training leaders and teams.
  • Bachelor of Theology.
  • Ascent to the MTS Conviction Statement.


In addition, you will be someone who is an:

  • Intentional Thinker:
    • Who can approach things theologically and in a purpose-driven way.
    • Who is self-driven and organised.
  • Inspirer:
    • Who can mobilise and empower others through casting and communicating vision. In particular, inspiring others towards the need for raising up more gospel workers who are equipped to preach.
    • Who has an empathetic understanding of the context and challenges in raising up gospel workers.
  • Innovator:
    • Who is able to innovate systems and strategies to achieve goals and outcomes.
    • Who is able to identify and think through problems and blockers to goals and come up with intentional innovative solutions.
  • Implementor:
    • Who can intentionally implement strategic innovations personally.
    • Who can intentionally implement strategic innovations through others.
  • Investor:
    • Who invests in gospel partnerships through a spirit of generosity that grows them in their godliness and gifts for the Lord.
    • Who values and invests deeply in teams, in particular, the MTS partnership team



  • Further theological study
  • Experience in MTS Training
  • Completed MTS or Cornhill-MTS
  • Experience and awareness of multi-denominational relationships and networks.
  • Experience working as a partnership developer or similar role.
  • Experience in financial support raising.



Forward your CV with a cover letter briefly describing your passion and suitability for this role to [email protected]

Full Position Description Cornhill-MTS Full Position Description