MTS Recruiters’ Kit


Recruiting ministry apprentices happens through relationship, and the MTS Recruiters Kit exists to support you in this endeavour. This kit is flexible, use as many or as few of these resources as you think will be helpful.
The MTS Recruiters’ Kit has three simple steps designed to help you recruit apprentices:
Step 1: Host an MTS Information Night at your church/campus.
Step 2: Invite potential apprentices to join you in attending the MTS recruiting conference in your state.
Step 3: Discuss moving forward with an apprenticeship in detail with each potential apprentice.

Step 1. MTS Information Night (Term 2)

An MTS information night is a fruitful way to raise the profile of MTS in your ministry and encourage potential trainees to go further with their thinking.

You can find helpful resources in the resources section of this website.

We have a video that explains MTS, and a slightly longer series of four videos telling the history of the first 40 years of MTS.

Step 2. Attend a recruiting conference in your state (Term 3)

MTS recruiting conferences are key events in challenging disciples who are considering an apprenticeship.

Find information about recruiting conferences in each state

Step 3. Explain a Ministry Apprenticeship in detail (Term 4)

The important step is to discuss with the apprentice (and their spouse if they are married) what a ministry apprenticeship would look like in your church.  You’d expect chat through details like:

  1. What the Application process looks like
  2. Description of the training and ministry experience opportunities that could be proivided
  3. Start date
  4. How the money would work
  5. Support raising

NB: Often this step works best over a shared meal – this may be in a restaurant or in your home.  It doesn’t matter as long as the location chosen is conducive to a good, long chat.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact MTS and we will be happy to assist.